Richel Hogenkamp speaks about Maria Sharapova taking much time on serve

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Richel Hogenkamp speaks about Maria Sharapova taking much time on serve

Richel Hogenkamp spoke about how it felt to play against Maria Sharapova. The Dutch player lost in three sets at the French Open, and in an interview, she analyzed the match from her perspective. 'She obviously takes a lot of time in between points', Hogenkamp said about Sharapova.

'She'll never start a point unless she's 100% ready for it. Players might not like that, but that's how it should be done. Then she looks over at you a couple of times. At one point it made me think something was wrong with me.' I do perceive her differently after the doping story.

In those countries, things happen that are on the edge. She crossed the line once. As an athlete and the way she is on the court, she remains an example. Her focus has made her the champion she is. Of course, there are things that are not right and she was punished for it.

I hope she learned her lesson Her return is great for women's tennis. The same goes for Serena and Azarenka.' Analyzing the match, she stated: 'After the first set l was doubting I'd reach the 50-minute mark.

On important moments l lack the belief and experience, while she doesn't show anything. She's the same when she's 0-3 down in the third or up a set and a break When she's on the other side of the net you feel the amount of pressure that's being put on you.

When you play with other girls you feel like it's not a problem to hit an easy cross-court shot and grind into rallies. With her, it's all-in from the serve and return and even from the warming-up. Everything is in full force at a 100%.

There's no 80% with her. She is one of the few players to make you feel the pressure. That's a reason to start missing and hit double faults.' Speaking about Sharapova's grunting, Hogenkamp added: 'I don't mind the shrieking during play.

I don't even hear it when I am playing rallies. When I am courtside, I find it disturbing, but never in play.' ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic could have faced disqualification during his match