Maria Sharapova: 'I am naturally left-handed'

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Maria Sharapova: 'I am naturally left-handed'
Maria Sharapova: 'I am naturally left-handed'

During her match against Donna Vekic, Maria Sharapova changed racquet and played left handed. In press conference, the Russian explained her abilities with the "other" hand, as she is right. ´I grew up, like, naturally left-handed, so I do a lot of things with my left hand, and I played tennis with my left hand for some time, so I sometimes do it on the run.

So it´s called the desperate shot (smiling)´, Sharapova said. Some people say that to go to play tennis is to go to the office. Asked if she still has fun, Sharapova said: ´I don´t think it´s like any other office, and that´s very clear.

But there is definitely a lot of routines to it, and it´s not an office because it´s a very untraditional schedule, and there is no -- you don´t have, you know, normal holidays like in a normal office job.

There are a lot of sacrifices. You don´t have a lot of things that you can schedule or plan. That´s maybe the toughest thing as you grow older and you´ve been around the block a few times, and, you know, that aspect of wanting a little bit more consistency and being there for, like, people in your life, that sometimes you just can´t be there because of your profession, because you have Grand Slams that you won´t be able to skip.

But it´s a very special career, and I think when there is a lot of repetition, but there is also a lot of amazing moments, walking through tunnels of Grand Slams and the camera is in front of you, there is a reason they´re there, the anticipation.

I love those feelings. I love finding a way to win. I don´t think there is really anything that sitting in an office can really, like, replicate, and it´s in the moment, which is very different.´ ALSO READ: Schwartzman: ´Until Federer and Nadal are there, you can´t win a Major´

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