Maria Sharapova describes how her perfect day looks like

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Maria Sharapova describes how her perfect day looks like

In a recent press conference, Maria Sharapova was asked how her perfect day would be. The Russian player replied: 'Actually I enjoy doing things. I am usually someone that has quite a bit of energy and I enjoy actually getting about and being productive.

I'll go, go, go, and then I'll crash maybe for a day or so. Yeah, the best days for me is the first days when I get home because I get to just really be in a home environment and see my friends for a long time. You lose that connection when you're away from people.

I barely even talk to them or text to them. We're constantly on different time zones. So for me, that's really important. Just making my own bed and cup of coffee are little things that are just really nice when you come home.' Speaking of all her finals appearances, does she ever sit down and watch old matches or clips on YouTube of herself? 'Not very often.

Occasionally if I am bored. I don't usually go back to ‑‑ like if I am studying a few things with my coach, I don't go back so long. Usually go back to recent matches that I played against a certain opponent if he wants to show me something.

It takes a lot for me to sit down and watch all these videos, but do I occasionally find the patience. I do feel like you learn a lot watching because you get a different sense of perspective. Prove you wrong a few times as well.

Yeah, even though it's not my favourite thing, I do find it a good learning experience.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title