Maria Sharapova explained keys to success in the business world

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Maria Sharapova explained keys to success in the business world

Maria Sharapova was the highest paid female athlete for 11 years, before going through a doping ban and seeing her earnings dropping down due to endorsements leaving her. The Russian player is very beautiful, but she thinks that a lot of commitment is required off-court.

'It takes much more than blonde hair or a nice look to last for more than 15 years in a crazy and competitive environment like the international professional tennis', Sharapova confessed in an interview to the Della della Sera.

'You have to win, achieve good affairs, behave in an appropriate way and having a huge passion. If my talent is a God's gift, like Yuri says, wasting it would be like a delict, isn't it?' Her best quality? 'I am a big hard worker.'

Her weakness: 'Something popular for Russians: I am impatient. Who tells 20 words when just one is needed, I am tired of it. I appreciate direct people. And I am also optimistic.' What does she do when she does not train, travel, play tennis? 'I cook, read, relax.

I never go to the cinema and I almost do not watch TV but documentaries and cooking programmes never make me tired. I like music. Where the streets have no name of U2 is my favourite sing: it makes me look back to a lot of years ago when I trained in Spain.'

Her biggest inspiration? 'The most unselfish person I know, the woman that brings light around her: my mother.' On her future, Sharapova concluded: "I like to think I have still a lot of things to conquer in my sport, without putting too much pressure on myself: raising on the rankings (she is No.

29), improving in my body and spirit, maybe winning another Grand Slam title. In 2019 I hope to be more consistent. Last year I always dealt with shoulder issues." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title