Maria Sharapova: 'Serena Williams and I are different in everything'

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Maria Sharapova: 'Serena Williams and I are different in everything'

In an interview to Il Corriere Della Sera Maria Sharapova spoke once again about her relationship with Serena Williams. The Russian once revealed on her book "Unstoppable: My life so far" that Serena used to intimidate her and that in the locker room after winning the 2004 Wimbledon final, Sharapova heard Serena crying a lot.

'I do not really know why this thing passionates journalists so much... Me and Serena are different in everything: story, past, style, attitude', admitted the Russian. 'But in the end our tennis goals are the same and we fight to achieve them.

I always admired that Serena wakes up every morning thinking to improve' And Sharapova, as well. 'We may be more similar than we may admit it.' Sharapova also commented on the differences between her on-court and off-court character: 'On the court, I am not hot, I admit it.

Because I cannot be it: I would be dominated. You'd better see me when I was choosing the Christmas tree, not cold at all... I know they draw me as a cold Siberian but I tell you one thing: changing the people's opinion is an effort I do not want to make.'

How would she like to be remembered in ten years? 'I always wished to become popular. Did you think I made it?', Sharapova laughed. After Melbourne she will fly to Europe to play the St. Petersburg Open, then she will take a one month break and will be back to compete in Indian Wells.

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