Caroline Wozniacki comments on her relationship with Maria Sharapova

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Caroline Wozniacki comments on her relationship with Maria Sharapova

In a press conference at the Australian Open after her loss to Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki commented on her relationship with the Russian player. In 2017 Wozniacki said Sharapova should have started competing again from the rock bottom after getting a doping ban, and not getting wild cards from tournaments.

Sharapova's agent Max Eisenbud said that due to the five-time Major winner's absence, the Dane could have maybe finally won a Grand Slam title. Wozniacki said: 'I think our terms are the same as they have always been.

I think she doesn't really talk to anybody and just, you know, has her team and has her own thing. And that's that. I do my own thing. I have my friends, and that's that. I just, we are just playing, we are on tour. We are competitors.

We both try our hardest when we're out there on court and fight our hardest.' Asked if dealing with rheumatoid arthritis influenced her, Wozniacki replied: 'I'm okay. I went out there and I was feeling fine.

I feel good. I gave it everything I had today, and that was that. Definitely, don't want to blame it on anything else. You know, it was just, you know, she was just a little bit better than me today. And that was really it.'

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