Luckily cameras are not in the locker room, says Maria Sharapova

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Luckily cameras are not in the locker room, says Maria Sharapova

In press conference at the Australian Open Maria Sharapova commented on how it feels to be surrounded by cameras almost all the time in tournaments. The five-time Grand Slam winner said: "I think we have known that, because that's been the way that – we have had a lot of cameras here for the last couple of years, warmup areas.

They're not in the locker room, not that I know of (smiling). Safe there." Sharapova also spoke about Ashleigh Barty's improvements: "I have played against her probably in Rome, six, seven months ago. Different player playing against her in Australia than it is, you know, in Rome first round.

Yeah, I think she's much more, felt like she was much more comfortable on the hard courts and she's also had a great few weeks. She's playing like it, as well, yeah." Sharapova also commented on why she dropped her level between the second and third set: "I think a little bit of focus.

You know, 30-all in the first game, first game second set, just didn't take care of business. Yeah, I think I took a few steps back. I let her control the points a little bit. Got into longer rallies, which I think off the backhand she had a great slice out there today.

That stayed quite low in the conditions. And I didn't do enough with that ball. I usually like that ball." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title