My shoulder has been bothering me for months, says Maria Sharapova

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My shoulder has been bothering me for months, says Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova withdrew from the St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy due to a shoulder injury and in an interview, she explained the reasons that led her not to play the second round match against Daria Kasatkina. The former world No.

1 said: 'Unfortunately, my shoulder has been bothering me for several months. In December it seemed to be better. I played well in Australia. I thought I would play another tournament here and then I would have worked on my shoulder again, but after yesterday's match I had a 20-minute training session and I would not be able to go out and play at 100%.

And against Kasatkina you need to be at 100%. I know that the whole crowd came to see the match, the night session. But I was not able to play at the level I had to.' Sharapova enjoyed her experience in St. Petersburg: 'The city is so beautiful.

I came here for the first time, and I still ask myself: why so much time? My mother called me two years ago: "C'mon, let's go there together" But it did not work, because this is a heavy schedule and so there was no chance.

You always think about tennis, training. So, to come here and not only play a match but also to go to the museum, to the opera and staying in the city has just been great. It's a pity that I did not play the way I wanted to.

I hope to be back here. Not only as a tennis player but tourist too. I live in New York in winter, but here there is completely different weather. Here it's unique. When it's so cold, it's not too fashionable anymore.'

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