Maria Sharapova's net worth disclosed, says money is temporary

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Maria Sharapova's net worth disclosed, says money is temporary
Maria Sharapova's net worth disclosed, says money is temporary

Maria Sharapova has reportedly earned $300 million in her tennis career - including prize money tournaments and endorsements deals - and in an interview to CNBC, the Russian player commented on the concept of money for her.

Sharapova was the highest paid female athlete for 11 years in a row, before dropping down on the list due to a doping ban. "When you're young and you're successful and you're doing well and things are automatic for you in your life, you tend to think that that will continue for years on end.

It's important to also be realistic about what can happen tomorrow; about injuries; about someone leaving your company; about another company coming in and being a competitor of yours," said Sharapova, a five-time Grand Slam winner.

She furthermore reflected: "Money ultimately doesn't bring you the happiness that people from the outside might see. Of course, it allows you to buy more materialistic products, but all of those things are very temporary. Money is temporary." Asked about her first memory of money, Sharapova replied: "It must have been when my mom handed over a stuffed rabbit animal at a New Year's Eve party and told me not to tell my father because it was pricier than what he would have wanted to spend on a gift." Her first car: "I didn't own my first car until, I think, one of my first car sponsorship deals.

But my first family car was a run-down Honda and I remember pressing, actually pressing the automatic window button, and I was like, "I've never seen that before. That's pretty cool."

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