Maria Sharapova: 'Sneakers culture is crazy'

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Maria Sharapova: 'Sneakers culture is crazy'

In an interview with Sneaker, Maria Sharapova commented on her decision-making in wearing certain kinds of sneakers. The five-time Grand Slam winner, who has been a Nike Ambassador for years, said: "The sneaker culture is crazy.

I think when you are six years old you are like so thankful that there are better sneakers. I love mixing up, I love having the opportunity of having a street style and feel like you do not have to change from day to night.

You carry this look the whole day, you dress it up and you can still incredibly be fashionable wearing sneakers. I want to be comfortable. You want to look good, you want to feel good, life is so fast-paced so you have to be from one place to another and if the things that you have around your body and the shoes that you wear do not accommodate that lifestyle, that's pretty tough to live in."

"I bring about five pair of tennis shoes on my trip, I go through each one two or three times a week, I bring one or two pairs of running shoes. "First of all the shoe is timeless and you can never go wrong, I love its price point, I love the fact that it makes you so chic, in the world of wear chunky and laud, I feel like the Cortez sums it up in a way nice way that it's elegant, timeless and so classic.

You buy it today, you are gonna wear it in years, this is just an iconic shoe and I have been very fortunate to work on its colours and design."