Maria Sharapova reveals the toughest thing about life as a tennis player

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Maria Sharapova reveals the toughest thing about life as a tennis player

Maria Sharapova was asked what's the toughest thing about being a tennis player. The Russian, who turned professional at 15 years of age, said: "One of the toughest things is the travel and schedule. It's like you have a set schedule, these are the weeks and you are there.

You have to find a way to be so committed to what you do and make the most out of your career and then I love family, I have been surrounded by my family ever since I was born, so it's a huge part of my life." On her friendships in life, Sharapova added: "I developed friendships for so long at the beginning of my career with very different people, some in tennis, some in other sports, some in business, so there is no reason to have a friend just to have a friend.

Friendships are just much more than someone to have dinner with, friendships." On her beginnings, Sharapova concluded: "I grew up in Russian culture and when you are very young the things that you grow up in, you hold very close to your heart and those are some very vivid memories.

The culture that I have been of for the last many years in the United States, I have adapted to it so much, I have learned, I have created incredible friends here. But when I go back to Russia from a long trip I eat all the great things, a cooked meal, for sure dumplings or crepes.

It's so funny, I am able to carry so much of both, but my feeling inside is that I am very much Russian when I am at home."