Sharapova recalls funny feelings in her initial cooperation with Nike

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Sharapova recalls funny feelings in her initial cooperation with Nike

In an interview, Maria Sharapova commented on her cooperation with Nike. The Russian player has been wearing products by the American brand for many years and they are connected each other by a lifetime deal. "The thing of being different, and my first ever thoughts about fashion were said around Nike, when I got my first contract with Nike was just a parallel", said the 32-year-old.

"I would just come to the distribution centers and before big tournaments, it was just amazing. I remember they did not have a junior line at the time, everything was huge on me and I was just telling to myself that I would roll up the skirts, but it was an expression of individuality and it was the first time where I was like, Okay, well, fashion is interesting, I play with clothes and when I started doing well and Nike started putting outfits in me that were unique and no one else wore it, it was pretty cool, it fit me."

Sharapova added: "I just see myself as a person who has been able to work on many things away from the court and develop many interests and get to meet really talented people and to that with that advantage to be able to do different things with the things that tennis has been able to give me.

So I never call myself a brand because that's very superficial. The most important thing is to stay authentic to which you believe, in what you do, it's from the smallest things to social media. I feel like because I am doing those things I stay true to my voice, then social media are very different.

Facebook is more corporate, Twitter is more sporty, keeping my fans up to what I am doing and then Instagram is my inspirational deck where I update about my travels, things that I like to eat or art I like to see. They are very different and in a way when i write things it's from my voice and if you do social media that's the way you do it, that's who you are.

I really believe in a good team and that's one of the toughest things to find but by really surrounding yourself by people that have your best interest and sometimes that financially costs a bit more and you are going to have to invest in that, which will ultimately make you make more money."