Maria Sharapova: I rarely withdraw in the middle of the match

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Maria Sharapova: I rarely withdraw in the middle of the match

Maria Sharapova retired in her first-round match against Pauline Parmentier when she was down 5-0 in the third set. Sharapova said: "I’ve had a history of a tendon in my left forearm flaring up. It happened today in the second set.

Certainly, it’s not easy, not the way – I mean, if I finish a match – it’s very rare that I withdraw from a match in the middle of the match. That certainly means that it’s painful, yeah. It’s kind of a tricky injury.

I’ve had this before. I haven’t really gotten a really good clarification from anyone that I’ve seen on what really causes it." Sharapova also commented on why she retired while just one game away from a loss: "I don’t want to leave.

Everyone has a job in this place. You guys have a job. Of course, I withdrew in the middle of the match. I rarely do that. I haven’t given a press conference in a long time at a Grand Slam. I want to show up. I’m still proud that I’m here.

This is not the easy way. I think the easy way would be just for me to maybe do other things because I’ve set up the opportunities for myself. This is far from easy. I’ve never taken the easy route. I’ve always worked, committed, focused.

As I said, these moments are hard, but I love what I do. I still have a lot of passion for it. Yeah, I mean, it’s, what, 30, 40 minutes after the match. I just saw a doctor, did a scan. Those things are not fun. I haven’t seen my team yet. This is part of the job."