I did not get contracts only because of my beauty, says Maria Sharapova

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I did not get contracts only because of my beauty, says Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova spoke to WJS about some people saying that she gets contracts with endorsements only because she is a good looking woman. The five-time Grand Slam winner said: "You can get to your hair stylist and get your color blonde but it takes a lot more than that.

If somebody does say that, then, I guess you could go and try it yourself. Walk the walk and don't talk the talk, right? That's something that I have heard many people say, but I do believe in that a lot." Sharapova also recalled when she went to the Harvard University during her doping ban: "I found myself in a class room with 50 people who were much wiser and older than I was, and mostly men as well (laughter).

It was probably 80 percent male to 20 percent female and I had to be the one that would come up and speak to them. I think there is also a little bit of intimidation factor and I do not think they expected me to be in a classroom.

And so, speaking to them and understanding what everybody does and where they are on the same mission, maybe for different ideas and products, some are CEOs, someone are starting in a company. It's not just about going to Harvard and getting a stamp or a little piece of paper with a diploma.

There is so much more, for me it was really getting to know the people and that unfamiliar ground cause I am always around people I know, so just throwing myself out there and asking a question in a classroom. Once I asked a question I cooled down."