Maria Sharapova: 'Growing up I wanted to be an architect'

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Maria Sharapova: 'Growing up I wanted to be an architect'

What would Maria Sharapova have done if she was not a tennis player? The Russian player answered this question speaking to PureWow. “Growing up, I really wanted to be an architect. That was my real passion", admitted Sharapova, who often visits cities when she is playing tournaments around the world.

“I think I acquired a certain taste and aesthetic while I was traveling because I understood what I didn’t like more than what I liked,” she explained. “And then when I had the opportunity and made the money to build my own home, it was really a labor of love."

She owns a house in Los Angeles and she is constantly working on its evolution: “I come home and think, ‘Oh, there’s that nook in the corner that could really use something I saw at the market in Paris.’ It’s always an evolution and that’s what I love about design."

In an interview to CN Traveler Sharapova said: "I remember taking one of my favorite trips ever was alone and I went to Amsterdam. And I went there for just a few days, but it was... I was a little scared as we would all be, but I was so liberated at the end of it and I felt like I didn't have to plan an agenda even though I'm a big planner and I would like to know where I'm going, or I would like to have an idea, or at least a list of things that I'm excited or wanting to see.

But it was a moment of, okay, it's like dinner for one, and then the concierge would be like, "Oh, it's not two?" I'm like, "No, no, no. It's just for one."