'Maria Sharapova has a very complicated schedule, may miss Luxembourg'

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'Maria Sharapova has a very complicated schedule, may miss Luxembourg'

The Russian Tennis Federation chief Shamil Tarpischev shared why Maria Sharapova will not play the Kremlin Cup in Moscow, Russia. Tarpischev said: "Sharapova did not enter the tournament because of her low rankings positions and she could have only entered with a wild card.

Sharapova has a very complicated schedule. Her appearance in Luxembourg may not happen because of an injury. This year we organized a good event. The Kremlin Cup is so meaningful that the Russian tennis was born thank to it. The 30th anniversary is very important.

The field is better than ever. In men's tennis we have three players who excited people with their results." The two-time Major finalist Elena Dementieva said: "I cannot believe the tournament got introduced on the calendar 30 years ago.

It's loved, for a long time it was the only one in Russia. This is the best memory I have from the youth, we all started in this tournament. The main thing speaking of tournament quality is that players come back here. For example, Serena Williams came here also when she was a star."

The Tournament Director Alexey Sevalanenko said: "The player's field speaks by itself. Two Grand Slam winners, three top ten players. There are former tournament winners. Of course there could be changes. Some players may ask for a wild card just before the tournament, even the most famous names who may need points before the year ends. We will not reveal names but they are girls who achieved impressive results this year."