Maria Sharapova: 'I would not be back on Tour after being pregnant'

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Maria Sharapova: 'I would not be back on Tour after being pregnant'

Maria Sharapova spoke about how her perspective in tennis changed over time. The Russian said: "I appreciate things on Tour more every day. I think about what the body needs to do to reach a high level." Sharapova said she would not be back to the WTA Tour if she becomes mother, which means she would not follow Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and Kim Clijsters's footsteps.

"If I opened this chapter, I would spend all the time on it. I have a good friendship with my mother, who was very young when I was born. I want to have that kind of relationship with my son too." On people criticizing lack of consistency when speaking of the women's tour, Sharapova added: "People always have something to complain about.

Our job is to have more good days than bad days in court. We have to keep delivering good tennis." The Austrian tennis doesn't feature female champions: "Things do not happen over one day. It takes a lot of time to develop talents, knowledge and build a facility.

There are many things that need to come together to be successful. The hope is to have a lot of children and that they get inspired. One day they may wake up and think differently. It can give them a different perspective on their goals."