Maria Sharapova recalls Chernobyl disaster

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Maria Sharapova recalls Chernobyl disaster

Maria Sharapova recalled the time when her family went through the Chernobyl disaster. The Russian player said: "The book is written with deep heartbreak, these stories keep my feet on the ground and remind me how fortunate my family was to have fled the disaster.

My mother was pregnant with me when Chernobyl exploded 30 kilometers from where we lived. Many of my contributions have been toward families and regions affected by the disaster." In an interview to Glamour Magazine Sharapova spoke about how she goes through difficulties: "The way I handle a situation that comes at me, for example losing a match that was really tough and I was up and ahead and I ended up losing at the end, the way I come off the court, the way I think about it mentally and process it.

I take it not as failure but something that didn’t work out and what can I become better at. If I can think about it like that in my sporting world, I’ll be able to take those few little things and bring it into my life, my personal life and my business.

So much of life is about perspective. I like to read a lot to calm down. When I’m on the court, everything is about that moment. Sometimes the crowd is drinking their Pimms and eating strawberries. But you know how important that point is, but they don’t actually recognise it.

You’re like, ‘get with the programme everyone!’. I love being focused. I have a determination for what I do, and I’m certainly not shy to show it. I perform, I’m an entertainer and I like to give everything I’ve got.

Everyone is always a work in progress and there’s some things I’m good at and some things I’m fragile."