Andrea Petkovic: 'Win over Maria Sharapova is my most unforgettable match'

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Andrea Petkovic: 'Win over Maria Sharapova is my most unforgettable match'

Andrea Petkovic was asked by Der Standard what are the unforgettable matches she has played in her career. "They are fresh on my mind. Both French Open matches this year were crazy. The second round against Hsieh. It was really fun.

In my career, probably against Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open. It showed me I can beat all the best players in the world", said the German. Petkovic also reflected on how it feels like to face the Romanian Simona Halep: "I love playing against her because she's such a great player, and she pushes you to play your best tennis; right? And she also allows you -- because she's not like Serena who overpowers you.

She's not as strong and tall, so she needs to use all of her talent. And she really makes you go the extra mile and play the extra shot. She made me play a drop shot and go to the net. So well done Simona; right? But you really need to pull out the whole repertoire to be able to beat her because she's just so crafty and smart.

She opens the court really well. And when you play little short, that's really -- that was maybe the most amazing thing today. I knew right away from the get-go in the rally, if I'm going to win it or not. Because the moment I got deep, I knew I would have the chance to make the point.

But as soon as you're a little short, she starts opening you up and you run and run and run, and you hope and you pray to God for your life, but in the end you still lose the point. So that's kind of annoying too."