Maria Sharapova reveals what's the best part of her day

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Maria Sharapova reveals what's the best part of her day

In a chat to GQ Maria Sharapova opened up on her off-season training routine. The five-time Grand Slam winner said: "My training routine is quite tough. It starts very early in the morning, at 8:00 AM, where I go through a checkup on the body, so my physio checks everything from my head, make sure my brain is working to my toes to make sure that it's firing.

Then I go to the gym, I do another little bit of warm-up, I run a little. Then I go on the court for about a two-hour session. I do a cool-down. I take naps. I love naps. The best part of the day. And then I go back to the gym, and I do another hour and a half or two in the gym or on the track and then I have physical therapy.

Fun, right?" Her everyday make up routine: "I have to say I don't have enough time to have a proper makeup routine. I start with a clean face. I wear SPF every day no matter if I am training, no matter if I am indoors all day.

I love using Supergoop as part of my routine. And then I come home and I make sure I wash that off. That's about it. I use a few niche Japanese brands like Kanebo for mascara and foundation. But other than that I like natural, clean, simple beauty." Sharapova is committed to playing the Mubadala World Championship in Abu Dhabi in December.