Maria Sharapova set to have new full-time coach, start 2020 in...

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Maria Sharapova set to have new full-time coach, start 2020 in...

Italian coach Riccardo Piatti spoke about his co-operation with Maria Sharapova and Jannik Sinner. Piatti said: "Next year I will help both Maria and Sinner, we worked a lot over the past months and now she healed from an injury.

She is doing well and she committed a lot to be competitive again. We focused a lot on technique and shots in order to put everything together also through video analysis." On Sharapova's character, Piatti added: "Outside she looks like a cold and unfriendly person, instead she is nice.

She likes learning. I never coached women but with her, I made an exception, it will be a nice challenge," said Piatti who also added that Sharapova is having a one-week break: "She is sending us videos featuring her training physically.

She is very clever." Sharapova will start her new season in Brisbane, Australia. Daniil Medvedev spoke about the big balance on the ATP Tour: "I believe the competition between us is really important to the sport.

We’re all young. I’d say we’re just getting started. It’s very fiery. We all want to beat one another when we face one another but for sure we all appreciate each one’s game. Each one of us plays differently.

It’s interesting to see so much variety, we all come in different shapes and sizes. We are the future, we’re the ones who are going to fill the stadiums and the ones who are going to create the future for our sport together."