Maria Sharapova speaks about her eating regime


Maria Sharapova speaks about her eating regime

In an interview, Maria Sharapova spoke about her eating regime. The Russian player said: "I’m pretty regimented. I have, I would say an 80 to 20 percent work balance, where 80 percent of the time I’m very diligent with what I eat from when I wake up to the amounts of water that I drink.

I start my day off with probably half a liter of water with lemon, having that routine in the morning — there are little routines that I feel are very important in life, but generally with food, because they get you back on track to feeling well, and then I indulge for 20 percent of the time.

Because you have to." Sharapova also confessed: "I think my first pleasures of indulgence in the kitchen were with my grandmother when she would bake, like, the apple tarts and even the dumplings, which are the sweet version.

She would pick the cherries off the garden, she’d make her own jam with the cherries and then she’d make the dough and then she just put these two sides together, create these dumplings and in an hour you’d have this beautiful indulging moment.

So whenever I do eat sweets, I’ll always think back to that. But it is a little bit of candy occasionally, or a chocolate bar. I don’t know, I just feel like sometimes you need it, you need it to get back to feeling okay, I treated myself, I really worked for this and that’s probably why I started Sugarpova in the first place.

So I know it’s such a strange concept, being an athlete, but I think I give myself an opportunity and to many others to feel like it’s okay to embrace the fact that you’re not 100 percent all in, all the time. You have to give yourself a break for your mind, for your body, for your confidence. It’s good for you."

Maria Sharapova