Dimitrov on viral chat with Maria Sharapova: I really thought she’d like my shorts

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Dimitrov on viral chat with Maria Sharapova: I really thought she’d like my shorts

Former World No. 3 Grigor Dimitrov, of Bulgaria, spoke about his brief exchange with former girlfriend Maria Sharapova at the Kooyong exhibition event earlier this week. Speaking at the exhibition event, Dimitrov says he was not aware that their exchange had become a big deal on social media as he stays away from it for a while before the Grand Slams, “I’m usually staying away from social media one week prior to (a Grand Slam), but now that you say that, that’s cool.

She’s great and we have fun . I really actually thought she’d like my yellow shorts, but that’s OK”. Sharapova was in the SBS commentary booth after her match on Tuesday when Dimitrov gatecrashed her interview in the middle of his on-court warm-up and the exchange went something like this - Grigor: I thought you like yellow on me, but that's okay.
Maria: Not really.
Grigor: People change, I get it.
Commentator: When did you guys break up?
Maria: Ugh, it's been a while.

Speaking about his form heading into the Australian Open, Dimitrov said he has been dealing with a blister issue.

"The past few days I’ve been sleeping with a glove that keeps my hand moist at all times so you kind of soak it in and then every morning I can shave it off from it a little bit. It is how it is. I’ve got to take care of my blisters a little bit, I’ve had a little bit of a sore hand for the last two or three days.

I had a day off in between (matches at Kooyong) so I’m just trying to get that sorted. But other than that, I’m ready. Hopefully it heals in the next couple of days; I’ve been taking good care of it, but hopefully I’m going to be 100 per cent right”.

Dimitrov has been to the semi-finals at the Australian Open in 2017 and has also reached the quarter-finals on two other occasions.