Maria Sharapova unveils her childhood, “It was lonely & full of harsh treatments”


Maria Sharapova unveils her childhood, “It was lonely & full of harsh treatments”

Earlier this week, the 32-year-old glittering Russian gem, Maria Sharapova, who had shifted to the United States back in the 1994s, but still pledged to play under the Russian banner, recently had divulged some mysteries of her childhood to a press agency, while the exhilarating & exquisite, former World No.

1, was quoted saying it was “lonely,” less wearing than it seemed and full of pressure. As a matter of fact, while working away from her family at one of her favourite practicing arenas in Florida, the tennis-dope came across a press agency reporter earlier this week as beforementioned where she had opened up about her childhood which she branded as more or less dull, trapped, suffocating and boring.

Nonetheless, according to the Russian tennis gem, Sharapova started off practicing tennis at the age of four, while mostly her life was surrounded by her parents and grandparents after being migrated to the United States at the very early stage of life.

Meanwhile, adding she had to grapple with a gauge of unpleasant situations, both in the classes and training sessions, apparently for being a migrant, but those unfortunate circumstances actually had made her stronger and more spearheaded, Sharapova, the 2004 Wimbledon Champion, recalled her childhood as saying to the press agency reporter “I was very lonely.

Also miss my mom a lot. To be able to see me, my father always had to work hard so he could get back home early before I fell asleep. I always received insults and more treatment than others, though I did it to pursue all my dreams with enthusiasm.

Because of that, I learned how to take care of myself. I also never thought about quitting because I knew what I wanted. ”

Maria Sharapova