Maria Sharapova's response to her candy brands Sugarpova critics

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Maria Sharapova's response to her candy brands Sugarpova critics

Apart from being a fabulous tennis player, the exquisite Russian former world’s No. 1 has turned out to be a pro in the businesses as well, as over the recent years, Maria Sharapova has been an entrepreneur to several businesses including her fashion line alongside a candy brand called Sugrapova.

In fact, the latter of two above-mentioned brands of Maria Sharapova, had recently went through a wave of criticisms because of high sugar levels in Sugrapova products which eventually could have a negative impact on health.

Nonetheless, Sharapova had cautiously dealt with the criticisms saying in an interview with CNBC on Friday (February 21st), “I Understand the criticism of my product. However, I am an athlete who knows what is health and what is not heathy for my body.

Health is one of my biggest priorities as a professional athlete. On the other hand, everyone likes sweets, including me. ” However, Sugarpova had to deal with dozens of fearsome criticisms from the nationalists since its launch back in 2013s, yet the unwavering tennis gem kept opening new outlets in different parts of the world for her candy brand, while a Sugrapova store in Dubai that was launched later on 2019, has been the latest.

On top of that, there is a touchy insight to Sharapova’s love for candy, which might have been bubbling her up to grow her Sweet business, since as a child, Maria Sharapova, the five-times Grand Slams title winner, was awarded with a candy after each tennis practice session by her father, Yuri Sharapov, who used to work as a tennis instructor at a tiny academy back then shortly after migrating from the Russian Federation.