Maria Sharapova against Serena Williams: an unforgettable feud

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Maria Sharapova against Serena Williams: an unforgettable feud

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams: always against, on and off the court! In addition to their memorable challenges, starting with Russian's victory in Wimbledon 2004 to date, the two players often stinged each other, fired back also off the court.

Serena was a nightmare for her rival: in 22 matches Serena won 20, with Masha who won Wimbledon and the WTA Finals 2004. One of their most important disagreements occurred on the eve of Wimbledon 2013. In an interview with Rolling Stones magazine, Serena said: "Maria starts every interview with: I'm happy or I'm lucky.

It's a bore!" Sharapova's answer, at the Wimbledon press-conference, went around the world: "I have a great deal of respect for Serena and for what she managed to win. However, I think she should talk about her successes, rather than the whole rest.

If she wants to talk about something personal she could tell us about the relationship with a man who once divorced and who now also has a daughter. She could tell us this and not things that don't concern her." Eisenbud, Sharapova's agent, talked about the relationship between Maria and Serena, in a recent interview: “For me Serena hates Maria.

This is my impression. She doesn't like playing against Maria. Everything goes back to the 2004 Wimbledon final. From that moment on, it is enough to look at Williams' face when she plays against Sharapova. It is different.

Serena wants to destroy the ball at every point. I don't know how much money Williams has in the bank, but surely Maria has more sponsorship deals. It is undoubtedly more in demand on the market." A rivalry, that between Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, which lasted almost sixteen years, which went beyond the tennis courts, filling pages with magazines and the murmurs of the crowd and fans.