Maria Sharapova: "I want to give my children a sense of peace"

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Maria Sharapova: "I want to give my children a sense of peace"

Maria Sharapova has recently announced to the world her intention to retire from professional tennis. The beautiful Russian tennis player will leave an indelible mark in the tennis world, but copious injuries have meant that the decision to retire came perhaps a little earlier than expected.

During her amazing career, Masha won five Grand Slam titles — two at the French Open and one each at the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open, winning 36 titles in total, including the year-ending WTA Finals in her debut in 2004.

She also won three doubles titles. In a long interview with New York Times, the former World number 1 talked about her idea of having children: “I have a good friendship with my mother, who was very young when I was born.

I want to have that kind of relationship with my son too. I wouldn’t know how to do both.. dedicate hours and hours on your body and on your strength and on the court. Those are never the circumstances I wanted to have a child around.

That (separation from my mom) definitely influences a lot of decisions that I’ll make in the future. There’s the expression, ‘You make plans and God laughs’, and I really hope he doesn’t laugh.

I’ve really had such good relationships with my mother and my dad but I want to give my children a sense of peace and a sense of just home,” the five-time Grand Slam champion said.