Maria Sharapova gets to action: free sweets to brighten up people’s lives

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Maria Sharapova gets to action: free sweets to brighten up people’s lives

Maria Sharapova, allied with her candy company Sugarpova, decided to deliver free sweets to people in the USA after she was inspired by the gift she received from one of her friends a couple of days ago. “The other day, a friend of mine sent me a really sweet goodie box that brightened up my day.

We at Sugarpova thought that ‘what if this simple act of kindness goes a long way for a friend of yours or colleague or family member, or even a nurse or a doctor that you know of is working during these challenging times’”.

said Sharapova on Instagram. “We want to send them a goodie box (a package full of Sugarpova sweets), we want to brighten up their day. Whoever you nominate, we will send them a package, and we will send you a package because you matter”.

Maria continued. Sharapova’s campaign was available only to the residents of the United States and was limited to the first 50 persons who reached out to an email address communicated on Instagram. The former world number one also urged everybody following her to respect the emergency measures and stay at home.

“I hope you are staying safe and sane during these incredibly challenging times, and at home if you have the capability to do so”. said Maria Sharapova. If you want to know how Sharapova dealt with all the chaos created by the coronavirus outbreak, check this article – Maria Sharapova starts Indian detox to steer clear of coronavirus stress.