Maria Sharapova shares cellphone number and invites fans to text her

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Maria Sharapova shares cellphone number and invites fans to text her

If you’re a fan of Maria Sharapova and feel like you would enjoy sharing your thoughts with the Russian superstar, this might be your lucky day: the now-retired five-time Grand Slam title holder posted a message on her Twitter account in which she invited her followers to communicate with her during these challenging times.

“Hi everyone! Happy Friday, whatever that means in today’s world,” Sharapova said in a one-minute-long video. “I’ve been trying to find a way to be in touch with all of you because last week I did a really fun Q&A on a video conference, with 150 of you, and I left that video chat wanting more.

I wanted more connection. A big part of that is because we’re all in this separation, this physical-distancing [thing] together. So, I want you to tell me what you think, but here’s the idea: actually I want to text me what you think, because I have a number that you will be able to send a message to.

And, when I say message, it will go directly on my phone, that I’m currently holding and video-recording myself on. So text me and wait to get a response. Please do it!” The video came with a caption in which Sharapova shared the number on which she can be reached: “Not only did I just get a 310 number (hello cool cats) but I’m sharing it with you—Text me!

310-564-7981. For real. Tell me how you’re doing, ask me questions, or just say hello. Any great recipes welcome too!” This tweet was shared on Friday 3, and had already received over 60,000 views after only two hours of being online.

From what replies to the post suggested, the number does not have a WhatsApp account, much to the Russian’s fans’ dismay.