Maria Sharapova reveals her favorite fast food and post-workout snack

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by Claudiu Pop
Maria Sharapova reveals her favorite fast food and post-workout snack

We all know that Maria Sharapova revolves around the idea of eating healthy despite her occasional sweet cravings. Nevertheless, she is not totally strange about fast food either since she unveiled in a Q&A session on Instagram what is her go-to fast-food when she feels like cheating her diet.

  • Q: What fast food would you eat if you had to?
  • Sharapova: Spicy chicken sandwich.
A spicy chicken sandwich is a common choice among fast-food clients. Still, Sharapova’s choice is quite predictable if we come to think about it.

Chicken has more proteins and less fat than other processed meals on the fast-food menus.

Favorite post-workout snack

But besides revealing her go-to choice when picking fast food, Maria Sharapova was asked about her preferred post-workout snack.

Sharapova didn’t give a complete answer as she only told the curious fan what she ate on the day of the Q&A session. “Today, it was an avocado. But I only had 10 minutes before a conference call”. Presumably, the former world number one keeps it healthy with her post-workout snacks while also making sure she replenishes a good part of her lost energy.

Avocado is a good choice if that is your objective since it contains good fats and it’s a nutrient dense fruit. To wrap it up, Maria Sharapova takes her diet seriously and whenever she indulges herself with a croissant or even a spicy chicken sandwich, she makes sure she sweats it off in a cardio session.

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