Maria Sharapova 'trolled' by Malayalis, but now...

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Maria Sharapova 'trolled' by Malayalis, but now...

Maria Sharapova, after she said she didn't know Sachin Tendulkar, she had some problems with her Facebook page of her with Malayalis. Now her social media profile has again been flooded with comments in Malayalam. Fans of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, mostly Malayali, gathered on the Masha Facebook page when she replied: I don't know, when asked if you know Sachin, in 2014, and now, seven years later, they are back on the page of the former Russian tennis champion, this time to apologize for the trolls of a few years ago.

The Malayals who flocked to Sharapova's social media obviously didn't like the cricketer's latest stance, which they perceive to be pro-establishment. Sorry, commented a Malayali from Doha who asked for her forgiveness before offering her shawarma and Kuzhimanthi.

A Thrissur user apologizing for criticizing her even extended an invitation to participate in the famous Thrissur Pooram. Mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa was another comment noting how the tennis star was always right in not knowing that a man she accused was spineless.

Sorry, commented another Malayali from Doha who asked for her forgiveness before offering her shawarma and Kuzhimanthi.

Maria Sharapova trains in a black bodysuit

During the Lockdown and also in this period in many countries of the world it was recommended to stay at home to avoid the promulgation of the well-known COVID-19 virus.

Also in this period Sharapova regularly performed her exercises and the Russian tennis player posted photos and a video where she practiced with a black bodysuit, a garment that, as she points out, she had not worn for a while.

The Russian champion also left a photo with a caption where she stated: "It's been a few minutes (or years?) Since I wore a leotard for the last time. Anything you need to do to stay motivated even doing exercise from home." From the day of her retirement, the Russian tennis player has focused on her company, the well-known brand specializing in the production of sugar-rich foods Sugarpova and above all has announced the official engagement with the well-known British businessman Alexander Gilkes who gave her recently a $ 400,000 engagement ring.

Gilkes is close to the English royal family as he studied at the same university as Prince William and Harry.

Maria Sharapova