Maria Sharapova's new businesses!

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Maria Sharapova's new businesses!

It is now over a year that the former number one in the world, the beautiful Russian former tennis player Maria Sharapova, has developed new and great interests outside the sports world. Maria has become a successful entrepreneur and has understood that for everything to work there are many things that must be necessary to optimize a company.

In 2012, Sharapova founded a treasured candy company called Sugarpova and it is something she runs with the utmost commitment. It must be said that the two-time Roland Garros champion did not limit her interests only to this but she started to vary her goals and to make more investments.

Since the day of her retirement from the world of tennis, Sharapova has expanded her business interests to the point of creating almost what we could call economic empire.
Managing this situation is not easy at all given the hectic working life and personal priorities but the Russian has never backed down and is indeed eager to seize as many opportunities as possible that arise.

Maria Sharapova's new businesses!

Here are some of her statements: "I have always been a very curious person and I think that this natural desire to learn and try new things is one of the things that pushed me to jump into it.

and work, I have always strived to balance my training with my passions that have always inspired me, I think about travel, design and food. Thanks to this interest I have decided to grow in a variety of areas. I am always motivated to try new things to better understand myself and understand what I really like." When we talk about Maria Sharapova we are talking about a tennis player who has certainly left her mark in the history of women's tennis, one of the ten athletes to have conquered all of them.

four races of the Grand Slam. Maria has always been endowed with great patience and armed with this she constantly works to achieve success.

Maria Sharapova