Maria Sharapova: "My priority has always been..."

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Maria Sharapova: "My priority has always been..."

Maria Sharapova can certainly be considered as one of the greatest tennis players in the history of this sport. The former Russian champion had a very recognizable attitude as in addition to a great game and great shots, she also brought a remarkable and interesting sense of glamor.

We all discovered Maria when she managed to defeat none other than Serena Williams at Wimbledon thus bringing home the first of several titles, many even Grand Slam trophies. However, in early 2020 Maria Sharapova announced her official retirement from the professional tennis scene, after losing in the first round of the Australian Open.

2020 was a year of change and very important for the tennis player that she also announced her engagement with a well-known British entrepreneur and businessman, Alexander Gilkes.

Maria Sharapova after retirement

After the official retirement from tennis, Maria Sharapova concentrated above all on her company, Sugarpova, a company specialized in the production of various types of sweets, starting from simple candies.

Speaking about her new adventure, the former world number one said: "As I have already said for me life must have a healthy balance and it has always been the thing that I have given priority more than any other. Tennis consumed every minute of every single day of my life but now I finally decided to take the time to explore my other passions that soothed me and gave me this sense of balance outside of sport, in this case of tennis." Several times Sharapova has talked about her about her passions and obviously besides tennis, the Russian loves pleasures such as art, design and travel.

About this she said: "I have many passions in life, travel, art, design or business. The time spent exploring these interests has helped keep me happy." Over the course of her career, Maria Sharapova has won five Grand Slam tournaments and is part of that small circle of tennis players who have won every Grand Slam event.

Maria Sharapova