'When you talk to Novak Djokovic you think...', says WTA star

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'When you talk to Novak Djokovic you think...', says WTA star

Novak Djokovic, after winning the first three Grand Slams of the year, will try to win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. The Serbian champion has always represented his country with great honor and this year he will try to fulfill one of his greatest dreams.

Djokovic won a bronze medal in 2008 by beating James Blake in the final for third and fourth place and was then stopped twice by the same player at the London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics. This is Juan Martin del Potro, who this year will not be able to take the field with Argentina due to yet another forced stop.

The Tandil giant is currently undergoing a tough rehabilitation phase and hopes to return to the ATP Tour as soon as possible. Del Potro responded nicely to a tweet from Djokovic in the last few days, joking about the two heavy victories obtained against him at the Olympic Games.

“I'll look at you, Novak! This time you have a chance, man!“, Wrote Del Potro through his Twitter account. The Belgrade responded in turn and greeted one of his greatest friends on the circuit at a press conference.

"I am relieved that Del Potro will not play the Olympics (laughs, ed)" After saying he was very happy that the Argentine has returned to training on the pitch, Djokovic focused on his next engagement and revealed his goals.

"At the risk of sounding trivial, I want to face one day at a time and one opponent at a time. It is the approach that I must have, because in the past I did not have it and I have not always done well. I am motivated to pursue history, I have worked hard to make it happen.

But I prefer to talk about it if I have to. For now I want to focus on the present. Dellien in the first round? For sure he will play with nothing to lose, like all lower ranked players. We will be on the Central Court, the audience will be missing.

I feed on the energy of the fans, which is one of the reasons why he continues to play even at 34."

Danilovic on Djokovic's nature on and off the court

In addition to being a 20-time Grand Slam champion and a contender for the GOAT title, Novak Djokovic is also known for his generosity and supportive nature off the court.

One player who has benefitted from the Serb's support is 20-year-old Olga Danilovic, currently ranked 149th in the world in singles. In a recent interview with Tennis.com, Danilovic revealed her admiration for Djokovic's nature on and off the court.

"He’s No. 1 for me in every part of being a tennis player,” Danilovic said. “When you talk to him you think, ‘OK, now I’m going to beat everyone after talking to him.’ His energy and dedication and his passion to play and work is something that pushes you to be better”.

Djokovic has already won the first three Grand Slams of the season and could become only the second player in tennis history (and the first man) to win all four Majors and the Olympic singles gold in the same year.