Marcelo Melo calls out Novak Djokovic for 'unsportsmanlike' behavior


Marcelo Melo calls out Novak Djokovic for 'unsportsmanlike' behavior
Marcelo Melo calls out Novak Djokovic for 'unsportsmanlike' behavior

Former doubles world No. 1 Marcelo Melo wasn't happy with Novak Djokovic's behavior during the mixed doubles clash at the Tokyo Olympics. Brazil's Melo, who was playing alongside Luisa Stefani, couldn't beat Djokovic and Nina Stojanovic in their mixed doubles opener in Tokyo.

Djokovic and Stojanovic, who were playing together for the first time, handed a 6-3 6-4 loss to Melo and Stefani. "Novak surprised me but on a negative way. There was no need for that. Two days ago he filmed himself speaking about Brazil and Brazilians, our energy, and now he is behaving this way.

He had a smash directly in my back which he didn't have to play that way. But OK, this is tennis and everybody is trying to play it the way he wants. Me personally would never play that way," Melo said, as quoted on Sport Klub.

Melo insists he doesn't want controversies "There are things I can't understand. Why? We did nothing to him to deserve that. In one moment he almost hit Luisa. Of course, thees are Olympic Games, everything is happening on the court, he does what he does during points, but he should have some limits.

Some would wonder. I don't want to make controversies or start discussions but everyone who watched the match and is capable or reading between the lines knows what I'm talking about," Melo added. Djokovic and Stojanovic claimed the first break of the match in the sixth game, before routinely serving out for the opener in the ninth game.

Djokovic and Stojanovic then had a chance to start the second set with an early break but Melo and Stefani saved a break point in the third game. However, Djokovic and Stojanovic kept pressuring Melo and Stefani and they claimed the key break in the seventh game.

After breaking Melo and Stefani in the seventh game, Djokovic and Stojanovic routinely served out for the match in the 10th game.

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