Srdjan Djokovic reveals text message Novak Djokovic sent him before flying to Tokyo

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Srdjan Djokovic reveals text message Novak Djokovic sent him before flying to Tokyo

Srdjan Djokovic tried to discourage his son Novak Djokovic from participating at the Tokyo Olympics but the world No. 1 politely said no to his dad. Just days after winning Wimbledon, Djokovic returned to the practice court to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.

"If my opinion means something to you, I don't think you should go to Tokyo," read Srdjan Djokovic's message to Novak, as the world No.1's father revealed on the Business Stories podcast. "It's a long way, there are no spectators, you would have to quarantine again.

It's just not the Olympics without spectators. Dad loves you." Djokovic read his father message and explained to him why he was so keen on playing the Olympics. "Of course your opinion matters to me, dad," read Djokovic's message.

"I wanted to take three or four days [off] to feel how my body was. I always recover quickly, so it's not a big deal. "Patriotism is very strong in my heart and in my head, dad. You know me, when it comes to Serbia, I cry there and I don't turn around."

Djokovic didn't get the result he wanted

Djokovic suffered a major disappoitnment at the Tokyo Olympics. In the singles semifina, Djokovic was up by a set and a break before falling short in three sets to Alexander Zverev.

Djokovic then failed to secure a medal as he lost to Pablo Carreno Busta in the bronze medal match. Djokovic was also forced to pull out from his mixed doubles bronze medal match due to an injury. “I apologise to all the fans in Serbia who I have disappointed.

I know everyone expected a medal, I did too. I feel bad for Nina because we did not fight for a medal in mixed, but my body said ’enough’: I have played under medications and abnormal pain and exhaustion. But again, my heart is in the right place, because I know that I gave my all.

I love to play for my country. Unfortunately, I did not get the result I wanted, but that is sport, we move on," Djokovic told Serbian reporters, per Tennis Majors.