Novak Djokovic: 'I do not see the finish line of my career but...'

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Novak Djokovic: 'I do not see the finish line of my career but...'

Now that he failed to achieve the goal he had set for himself at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, now Novak Djokovic set his sights on the fourth Grand Slam of the season. The 34-year-old Serbian tennis player and current world number one, acknowledged that he has a concern to see the physical condition with which he will arrive at the US Open, after the physical discomfort with which he ended his participation in the summer fair, where he even He no longer appeared in the mixed doubles.

“I hope that these physical consequences do not create any problem for me for the US Open. It is something I am not sure of today, but I do not regret anything, you must give everything for your country. My heart is in the place where it should be because I know that I did my best: I love playing for my country, this time I was not successful, now it's time to turn the page," he acknowledged after his defeat in the match for the third place before the Spanish Pablo Carreño Busta.

"I have dropped out of the mixed doubles due to injury, and not just one. I hope this does not prevent me from doing well for the Us Open. This is the third time I have lost in a semifinal, and for my expectations, having 'only' one medal...

I want to apologize to all the Serbian fans who I have disappointed. I know that many expected a medal from me, as did I myself. I also feel very sorry for Nina (Stojanovic), but my body has abandoned me, I have played under medication, with pain and enormous exhaustion."

Djokovic on representing his country

Speaking to the media after his loss to Carreno Busta, a disappointed Novak Djokovic said he regretted not bringing home a medal for his country. The 20-time Major winner also revealed that mental and physical exhaustion contributed to his underwhelming display.

"[I] do have a regret for not winning a medal for my country, both in singles and mixed," Djokovic said. "I just didn’t deliever. Level of tennis dropped, also due to exhaustion mentally and physically."

The Serb said playing Grand Slams and representing his country in the Olympics, the ATP Cup and the Davis Cup motivates him to keep going. “Three years, not that far, but on the other hand it is, since I do not have 25 years anymore,” Djokovic said.

“I do not see the finish line of my career. Olympics, Davis Cup, ATP Cup, and the Grand Slams, those are the tournaments that inspire me the most to go on. It is a privilege to play for Serbia, I want to play in Paris. If I am there, I hope to win a medal."