John Peers:Unfortunate me and Ashleigh Barty didn't get chance to play Novak Djokovic

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John Peers:Unfortunate me and Ashleigh Barty didn't get chance to play Novak Djokovic

Australian doubles star John Peers didn't want to comment on Novak Djokovic outburst at the Tokyo Olympics. “I think you’ve just got to ask Novak those questions. We can’t speak to what he’s going through," Peers said, per

Peers and his Australian partner Ashleigh Barty were due to face Djokovic and Nina Stojanovic in the mixed doubles bronze medal match. Unfortunately, the match never took place as Djokovic pulled out of the match due to a shoulder injury.

Peers admitted he was disappointed that he and Barty didn't get a chance to play against Djokovic. “We were ready to go and no matter who the opponent was going to be, we were ready and raring to go,’ Peers said.

“We were focused and ready to put our best foot forward and walk away with bronze. It was very unique and unfortunate circumstances that we didn’t get to play but we still get to walk away with bronze so we’re still very excited about the result”.

Peers and Barty achieved their goal

Peers and Barty's goal was to win a medal for Australia and they managed to accomplsih that. On the other side, Djokovic's campaign at the Tokyo Olympics ended with a disappointment.

“I am dealing with injuries. Not one, more than one“, Djokovic told Serbian reporters in Tokyo, per Tennis Majors, “I hope that it won’t stop me from going to the US Open, which is my next big goal.

“I do not regret coming or giving my all; how can I have regrets, it is normal when you are at the Olympic Games representing your country. Unfortunately, for the third time at the Olympics, I am losing in the semi-finals.

I won the medal only once. I mean, ’only’, a medal is a medal, but for my standards and expectations and wishes, not an ideal outcome."