Gymnast Nina Derwael recalls fun meeting with Novak Djokovic in gym

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Gymnast Nina Derwael recalls fun meeting with Novak Djokovic in gym

Belgian gymnasts Nina Derwael and Maellyse Brass art saw world No. 1 Novak Djokovic in the Olympic Village and wanted to take a photo with the Serb. A number of athletes stopped Djokovic during the Tokyo Olympics to take a picture but one picture went viral.

In the picture that went viral, Djokovic performed splits alongside Derwael and Brass. "We were actually in the weight room, and Marjorie had seen him (Novak Djokovic)," Derwael told RTBF Spoet, as revealed on Sportskeeda.

"So we thought we would take a photo when he finished." Djokovic was amazed by the gimnasts abilities. "Then while we were making the big gaps, Novak looked at us and said "this is even more flexible than what I can do'," said Derwael.

Djokovic enjoyed his experience

"He stands next to me, takes his phone and gives it to his trainer," the Belgian continued. "So I tell him, ok but if you take a picture I want one too. And so I also gave my phone away.

He puts himself in the split and then he goes further and further. But he was still on those hands. So I said to him "but you have to let go of your hands eh!" And so he opened his arms like me. But I was still amazed that he was so flexible!

" Unfortunately for Djokovic, he failed to win a medal for Serbia at the Tokyo Olympics. A few days ago, Srdjan Djokovic said his son will soon be the best athlete ever. "I have to correct you. In the beginning you said Djokovic is the best tennis player in the world, He even is the best sportsman in the world.

Currently he is one of the best of all time, but very quickly he will be the best athlete ever," Djokovic senior said, when he was introduced as as the person who formed the best tennis player in the world.