Daniil Medvedev taking Novak Djokovic's approach after Olympics defeat

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Daniil Medvedev taking Novak Djokovic's approach after Olympics defeat

World No. 2 Daniil Medvedev tried to learn from Novak Djokovic's approach after suffering a disappointing loss at the Tokyo Olympics. Medvedev, who was making his Olympic debut in Tokyo, made it clear his goal was to win gold medal.

Unfortunately for Medvedev, he suffered a surprise quarterfinal loss to Pablo Carreno Busta. World No. 1 Djokovic also left Tokyo without a medal as he lost to Carreno Busta in the bronze medal match. "Yeah, definitely Olympics was a tough shot, I would say, to be completely honest.

When Novak lost, I saw all over social media what he said and he said, especially when he lost after the third place, he said that all his Olympics defeats were very tough, but then he came back only stronger and he knew that that would make him stronger," Medvedev said, as revealed by Max Gao.

Medvedev hopes to do well in the United States

"I was, like, I was really disappointed with the way Olympics ended for me," Medvedev noted. "Obviously if the guy who is probably the greatest tennis player of all time, 20 Slams, 37 Masters or whatever, says this, well, I have to, you know, kind of follow what he does, and I knew that I will be coming here, trying to disconnect a little bit, went to Orlando, no really strict rules there before coming here.

Tried to disconnect from, yeah, from the loss, and now in a way I don't remember it. "Of course I wanted to do better, but now the goal is to try to win this tournament, to try to win Cincinnati, to try to win the US Open.

That's how tennis is. You are going to have 20 tournaments in a year. You can win what, maybe five, six, seven if you have the best year of your life. So you are not going to win every tournament. You just need to show your best and play your best."