'I would say the win over Novak Djokovic', says Top 5

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'I would say the win over Novak Djokovic', says Top 5

Over the course of his career, world number two Daniil Medvedev has already had a couple of occasions to dethrone Novak Djokovic and thus become world number one. Unfortunately for him, Daniil has not yet succeeded in this feat and will still have to work hard in the coming months to be able to overtake the Serbian and achieve this extraordinary goal.

Becoming number one in the world is now a rather rare episode since, since February 2004, only four athletes have achieved this result. Now Medvedev has great chances of achieving this result in the short term. Thanks to the victory in the Masters 1000 in Toronto, the Russian champion is now 1500 points behind Djokovic and given the absence of the number one in Cincinnati Daniil can get even closer to him during this tournament.

In the course of a recent interview, Daniil Medvedev made it clear that becoming number one is anything but simple, especially considering that Nole has won all three Grand Slam titles played this season. The Russian tennis player made the following statements: "We have to be honest, removing the first place in the world rankings from Novak Djokovic is quite difficult.

He has won all three Grand Slam events this year and you have to beat him in the final. We played against in the final in Melbourne and we saw that it was very hard, of course if I had won the Australian Open now my situation would have been significantly different (800 points difference would have changed).

In the end, however, Novak won and this is the reality. Now I want to try to play my best tennis and set myself high enough goals: if you win two Grand Slam titles and two Masters 1000 you will become number one in the world.

To do this you have to win the titles and that's what I'll try to do."

Medvedev on Novak Djokovic

World No. 2 Daniil Medvedev recently spoke to the ATP on a variety of topics, right from his dream match at a Masters 1000 event to his most cherished victory on the men's tour.

Medvedev was then asked about his biggest win in a Masters 1000 event. The Russian pointed out that his best win came against Novak Djokovic in the Cincinnati Masters in 2019. On that occasion, Medvedev came back from a set down to beat the then-defending champion in the semifinals.

"Of course there are a lot, but I would say the win over Novak in Cincinnati [in 2019] because that allowed me to go into the final and to win the tournament. I lost the first set and I was crazy tired after everything that was going on in that summer of 2019. I managed to step up and beat him in a good way," Medvedev said.