'I think that can also happen with Novak Djokovic', says former star

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'I think that can also happen with Novak Djokovic', says former star

World number one Novak Djokovic is ready and charged for the US Open 2021. The Serbian tennis player has recharged his batteries and is ready to try his way into tennis history. If successful in New York Nole would become the first player in the Open era to conquer the Grand Slam (only Rod Laver has succeeded in history but not in the Open era).

The Serbian champion has won three Grand Slams this season, has reached and surpassed the record of weeks at the top of Roger Federer's ATP rankings and has overtaken the Swiss and Rafael Nadal at 20 Slams. In these hours a video has been published where Nole is exalted by playing the piano and has fun in view of the fourth Grand Slam tournament.

Croft speaks about Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic already holds most of the notable records in men's tennis. The Serb is the only man to win each Major and Masters 1000 event twice, and has spent the most weeks at World No.

1. Croft, a former British No. 1 herself, believes Djokovic deserves a lot more adulation and respect for what he has achieved. "I hope he eventually gets the adulation and love that he is deserving of given his achievements in the game," Croft said.

According to Croft, McEnroe eventually got the respect he deserved despite being the "baddie of the sport." Croft feels that could be the case with Djokovic as well. "Having grown up in the [John] McEnroe era and he was so unpopular in the 1980s.

He was vilified as the real baddie of the sport," she said. "He dominated the headlines for being brattish and someone said to me at the time that in due course, he will get the love and I think that can also happen with Djokovic."

The prize money to be won by the winner of the US Open 2021 tennis event will pocket $2.5 million whereas the winner of the US Open 2021 golf event will receive $2.25 million. The winner in tennis will bag a sum slightly higher than the winner of the golf event.

The US Open 2021 tennis will begin on the 30th of August and will end on the 12th of September. As compared to the previous season, fans will be allowed to enter the stadiums to watch their favorite players in action. Unfortunately, five-time champion Roger Federer, former champion Rafael Nadal and defending champion Dominic Thiem are not going to be seen this year due to their problems with injuries.