'When Novak Djokovic will hang up his racket...', says expert

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'When Novak Djokovic will hang up his racket...', says expert

Seven races are missing from the legend. Novak Djokovic has only 7 other challenges to play and then he can become the only player of the Open era to win the four Grand Slam titles in the same year, the so-called Grand Slam.

An incredible record that would raise the Serbian champion's level even more, perhaps to an even higher level than his two great rivals, absent in New York, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. In addition to this, in case of victory in the tournament Nole would become the tennis player in history with the most Grand Slam titles, as many as 21, thus detaching the eternal opponents.

Novak Djokovic's first opponent will come out of qualifying and we still don't know his name. In the second round there is the first real obstacle for the world number one who should challenge an opponent not as simple as the German Struff.

In the third round there are opponents on the card that are interesting but in reality they do not seem very complicated for the Serbian, that is the Belgian Goffin or the Japanese Kei Nishikori. From the round of 16 things get really interesting with Djokovic who could challenge one of the Russian Aslan Karatsev and the Australian Alex De Minaur: the young 'Aussie' can be an outisder while Karatsev has already beaten Nole this year, even in his Belgrade.

In the quarterfinals we could have a remake of the Wimbledon final with our Matteo Berrettini as a possible opponent of the number one: on his way, however, the blue must first get rid of Hubert Hurkacz, his opponent in the semifinals on English grass.

In the semifinals Djokovic will probably have to challenge his most recent nightmare, that Alexander Zverev who has recently extinguished all his Olympic dreams. The German has a draw that is not impossible and to get to the semifinals he has pitfalls as young as Sinner and Shapovalov or as the American, always dangerous, like Reilly Opelka.

Annabel Croft on Novak Djokovic

Former British tennis player Annabel Croft recently gave her thoughts on the lack of support Novak Djokovic gets from crowds during many of his matches. According to Croft, it is "painful to watch" the Serb having to battle hostile crowds every time he steps out on the court.

According to Croft, McEnroe eventually got the respect he deserved despite being the "baddie of the sport." Croft feels that could be the case with Djokovic as well. "Having grown up in the [John] McEnroe era and he was so unpopular in the 1980s.

He was vilified as the real baddie of the sport," she said. "He dominated the headlines for being brattish and someone said to me at the time that in due course, he will get the love and I think that can also happen with Djokovic.

He goes the extra mile to find out information about his heart, his lungs, his food intake, his sleep patters…. he is the ultimate professional athlete. I can’t say enough about him and it saddens me that he does not get the support he deserves," Croft added.

Croft concluded by saying she hopes Djokovic gets the credit he deserves once he retires. "Nobody is going to abandon their love of Federer and Nadal, but maybe when they hang up their rackets, people will appreciate what he (Djokovic) has done in the sport," she said.