'Novak Djokovic's Grand Slam'll be great for...', says legend

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'Novak Djokovic's Grand Slam'll be great for...', says legend

It is now very close to the start of the US Open 2021, which will host a large number of fans making the atmosphere very close to normal. There won't be several top-notch players, including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, defending champion Dominic Thiem and Serena Williams.

All the spotlight will be on Novak Djokovic, who could deliver the 'Calendar Grand Slam' by putting the icing on an epic season. The number 1 in the world will have to be good at defeating the pressure, as well as the numerous opponents who will try to hinder him along the way.

Daniil Medvedev, Alexander Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas seem to be the main obstacles for the Serbian, who has not taken the field since his disappointment at the Tokyo Olympics. The 34-year-old from Belgrade missed the gold medal goal by bowing to Zverev in the semifinals, also thanks to a sudden psycho-physical collapse in the second part of the match.

In a recent interview, four-time double Grand Slam champion Rennae Stubbs revealed the content of a message about her Nole sent to her by her friend Steffi Graf. Djokovic will make his debut on Tuesday against young Holger Rune.

Steffi Graf on Novak Djokovic

“I know we don’t really hear from Steffi very much because she is so anti doing anything when it comes to her face near being any television, but I have texted her about this. She said I really hope he does it.

It’ll be great for him and it’ll be great for tennis,” said Stubbs in the interview. Novak Djokovic will not only win Calendar Slam if he succeeds at the US Open 2021, but he will also become the male player with the most number of Grand Slam titles- surpassing both his arch-rivals, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

The 20-time Major champion heaped praise on the Arthur Ashe Arena and expressed his eagerness to take the court. "I think it's an easy question," Djokovic said. "Yes, it would be (his biggest achievement). Obviously I know how big of an opportunity is in front of me here in New York where historically I've played really well over the years.

It's probably the most entertaining tennis court that we have. Crowd will be back in the stadium. I'm hugely inspired and motivated," Djokovic said. "But at the same time I know how to balance things out mentally, with lots of expectations obviously around.

My participation here, without Rafa and Roger participating, I feel it. I know there's a lot of people who are going to be watching my matches and expecting me to do well and fight for a Slam."