Stan Smith: Novak Djokovic is heavy favorite to win US Open crown

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Stan Smith: Novak Djokovic is heavy favorite to win US Open crown

Former world No. 1 Stan Smith has labeled current world No. 1 Novak Djokovic as the heavy favorite for the US Open title. Djokovic hasn't lost a match at the Grand Slam level this year and he will capture a Calendar Grand Slam if he wins the US Open.

In New York, Djokovic acknowledged that winning all four Grand Slams in 2021 would be his greatest achievement. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer won't be playing at the US Open since they are done for the season. "It’s hard.

It’s going to be hard for Djokovic. He’s a heavy favourite, he’s committed to do it. He’s not saying, ‘Well, maybe…’,” Smith told the ATP website. “He’s really committed to do it.

Unless he gets hurt, he’s the heavy favourite”.

Smith underlines it will be tough to beat Djokovic at the US Open

"Hard courts might be Djokovic’s favourite surface, and so someone is going to have to play really well,” Smith said.

“Having said that, he played a terrible couple of sets at the French, where he just played the first two sets in the final really badly, but came back and played great. “I don’t know what it was, but he was really bad for him and I thought he was done.

The fact that he came back there and played great tennis, it just shows he’s got the confidence that if things go bad, he’s not going to panic. A lot of people do [panic]”. Djokovic is a complete player but his backhand stands out to Smith.

"When I see him miss a backhand, I’m sort of surprised because he’s usually in great balance and in that match he’d maybe be out of balance one out of 15 times,” Smith said. “The rest of the time he is on balance and when he’s on balance, he doesn’t miss too much. If he misses, he doesn’t miss by much”.