'Maybe the biggest challenge to Novak Djokovic', says Grand Slam champion

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'Maybe the biggest challenge to Novak Djokovic', says Grand Slam champion

Novak Djokovic has no doubts. Winning the 2021 US Open would be the greatest achievement of his career. The current world number one I can achieve in New York a feat that has not been recorded since 1969, when Rod Laver won all four Grand Slams in the same year.

After the Australian Open, Wimbledon and Roland Garros, the Serbian could complete the work with the United States Open, a contest to which he arrives as the top seed for the title. "Obviously it would be the greatest achievement of my entire career.

The truth is that I really want to start competing now, I love this tournament, I have had great performances and I am tremendously motivated. I know that I have the option of turning a dream into reality, I am facing a historic opportunity, and I am aware that I will have to handle all the pressure and expectation that there will be around my games.

In the end this is a Grand Slam, it is true that it changes a bit because of everything at stake and the feelings are somewhat different, but it is about winning seven games to the best of five sets against the best in the world.

The first time I really saw it feasible to achieve it was after winning Roland Garros, and now I am going to fight to achieve it," said Nole in statements taken up by Point of Break. In turn, Djokovic ruled out having spoken with Rod Laver, the only player who achieved such a feat: "I have not spoken with him, but I would love to receive some advice to handle what is coming these weeks.

Daniil Medvedev has been in sensational form at the moment

Recently, Daniil Medvedev was praised by fellow rival Dominic Thiem. The Austrian star felt that the World No. 2 player from Russia can pose as the biggest threat to Novak Djokovic from stopping him from winning the fourth and final Grand Slam this season.

The 2020 US Open champion spoke on this and stated, “It is super different, super interesting to watch but very very tough to play. Because he doesn’t miss, great service and a great return. He’s really tall but moves so well for such a big player.

So he has no weaknesses that make him very difficult and also he’s super-fit”. The 27-year-old further added, “That makes him, in my opinion, maybe the biggest challenge to Novak. He has that slight advantage over Stefanos and Sascha that he already played two Slam finals.

And I think, each final you lose is a bad experience. But still, if you participate in it, a huge experience for the following ones”.