Dusan Lajovic: Novak Djokovic can break more records, you can't even see the end

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Dusan Lajovic: Novak Djokovic can break more records, you can't even see the end

2019 Monte Carlo Masters runner-up Dusan Lajovic has acknowledged that it will be extremely hard to break the records the Big Three have achieved and he believes that Novak Djokovic could achieve much more. Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal each have 20 Grand Slams in their collection.

Djokovic has already broken the record for most weeks spent as world No. 1 and now he is aiming to win the Us Open and become the record Grand Slam champion. "It is incredible, especially because you are also playing in this era of the guys who are breaking records.

To be in the same era as one of the guys who is the greatest of all-time, you know this is history,” Lajovic told the ATP website. “It will be really hard for someone to break these records these guys achieved and the way Novak is playing right now.

“It looks like he can break even more records, and you can’t even see the end. When you have someone from your country, it puts it even more into perspective that you need to have that drive, passion and will to be the best.

It doesn’t matter where you come from or what conditions you have, you are really trying to sacrifice everything to succeed, and the opportunity will present itself”.

Lajovic insists Djokovic's talent stands out

Lajovic has noted that each member of the Big Three group possesses a unique talent but insists that Djokovic's talent is the one that stands out to him.

"I think talent comes in many forms and when you see these top guys, they are very talented in every particular skill that you need for tennis. They are all moving very well, all very smart on the court, all very determined, big fighters,” Lajovic said.

“I think the biggest talent is who can mentally hold longer and right now it looks like Novak is on top of that”.

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