Novak Djokovic shows respect for Alexander Zverev following tight US Open win

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Novak Djokovic shows respect for Alexander Zverev following tight US Open win

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic admitted Alexander Zverev gave him his toughest battle at this year's US Open and added that he knew overcoming the German wouldn't be easy at all. Djokovic, seeded at No. 1, overcame Zverev in five sets 4-6 6-2 6-4 4-6 6-2 to reach the US Open final.

Zverev, who ended victorious at the Tokyo Olympics and Cincinnati Masters, had his 16-match won streak ended on Friday by Djokovic. "Well, biggest battle I had so far in the tournament. It was expected. I mean, Zverev was in tremendous form.

He hasn't dropped too many sets in this tournament. He was on a roll, winning Olympics, winning Cincinnati," Djokovic said. "I knew that he's going to be a huge challenge and task to overcome Zverev tonight and to prevail.

He started off well. I thought we were quite close. I lost the first set. Again, like most of the other matches that I won during this tournament, when I lost first set, I started to play really, really good tennis in second and third."

Zverev showed respect for Djokovic

Zverev said that he would rather play anybody but Djokovic in the most important points of the match. "Well, you don't develop that kind of reputation I guess instantly. It takes a lot of time.

It takes a lot of matches won at the biggest stage when you are down match points, so to say," Djokovic said, when asked about Zverev's comment. "Probably all these big matches that I won, big titles over the years, have kind of built that kind of aura around me that players know there's a never-die spirit with me, especially when I play Grand Slams.

They know that until the last shot, you know, things can turn around, which was the case in several occasions throughout my career. "So I'm glad that my opponents think of me that way. I want them to feel that they are under extreme pressure when I'm facing them on a big stage in Grand Slams."