'Novak Djokovic is not everyone's cup of tea because...', says former ace

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'Novak Djokovic is not everyone's cup of tea because...', says former ace

Today can be historic for the world of tennis. The number one in the world Novak Djokovic has the big and probably unrepeatable chance of winning the US Open and thus completing the 'Calendar Grand Slam', winning all four Slams in the same year, a feat that was never achieved during the Open era and that did not has been happening in the tennis world since Rod Laver.

On the other hand, there is the Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev, number 2 in the world on the hunt for his first success in the Grand Slams. The reigning champion in New York is the Austrian Dominic Thiem, currently knocked out due to an injury.

Thiem's ​​words on the US Open final To Eurosport's microphones Dominic gave his opinion on what could be a historic race. Here are his statements: "This year has passed very quickly and many things have changed.

We see normality with full stands and I think about a year ago when I won the Us Open, it was all empty even if it was one of the most important days of my career. Injury? I hope to return to the first tournament of 2022, my wrist has healed and now I can start work with the racket.

To tell the truth, I will take off the plaster at the end of September and in October I want to start training seriously. I don't usually see tennis, but now I'm stopped due to injury and watching tennis can help me.

I am relaxed, I have seen great tennis here in New York, there are many interesting promises and I am already studying tactics against them. Novak Djokovic and the Calendar Slam? It's a huge pressure, something we can only imagine, winning a Grand Slam for me took an incredible mental effort and the Calendar Slam is something unique and extraordinary, I think I wasn't even born the last time that happened."

Pilic on Novak Djokovic

Former Roland Garros runner-up Nikola Pilic believes Novak Djokovic is underappreciated by Westerners as he hails from Serbia, a country that's not held in the same regard as the more developed nations in the world.

"Djokovic is not everyone's cup of tea because he comes from a small country and is hence not appreciated enough by droves of Anglo-American and European tennis fans," Pilic said. But the Croat, who coached the Serb during his formative years, considers Djokovic more than just a tennis player due to his immense contributions off the court.

"Whether someone likes him or not, he has a lot of character and personality," Pilic added. "He has done Serbia proud, he's done heaps to improve the country's international reputation and for me he is more than just a great tennis player."