Gilles Cervara: Tennis history on line didn't impact Daniil Medvedev's preparation

Medvedev prevented Djokovic from making tennis history at the US Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Gilles Cervara: Tennis history on line didn't impact Daniil Medvedev's preparation

Coach Gilles Cervara said the fact that was so much at stake for Novak Djokovic didn't impact Daniil Medvedev's preparation for the US Open final. All the eyes were on Djokovic in the US Open final since he was chasing a record a 21st Grand Slam title and a Calendar Grand Slam.

But Medvedev handled his business as he handed Djokovic a straight-set defeat to win his first Grand Slam. "On our side, no," Cervara told Tennis Majors. "Now, when you watch the tennis, you see that this situation exists in the mind of the opponent and therefore you use it, as Novak would have used it against anyone.

As soon as these champions feel a fragility in the opponent, they rush into it and widen the breach. I did not speak to Daniil about this context during the preparation for the final. I try to prepare him for the most difficult and extreme scenarios.

If the game is to be easier, it’s up to Daniil to take the opportunity."

Cervara explains Medvedev waiting for the serve far behind the baseline

"There is a history behind that," Cervara said. "This is his signature.

It’s part of his spontaneous preferences. Yet when you look at him like that, it seems absurd. When I started with him, even I was like, “It’s impossible to win by being so far back, you’re opening too many angles”.

I tried to get him to return closer to the line, but he refused. He felt that as he got closer to the line, things just stopped happening for him. I think I had the intelligence to listen to him and put myself in his shoes, not to deconstruct something that is advantageous for him thanks to his size, his eye and his playing intentions.

And the stats tell us that it pays a lot. So I told him that if that return, so far away, wasn’t effective against such and such a player, we had to build another return, a return that he is able to do when he feels it’s going to work."

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